The Newsletter Framework 2.2

Jordan Parker
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And... send.

My first newsletter was finally out!

I checked the calendar. It was grim. My first newsletter took me 7 months, 11 days, and 7 hours.

  • I needed 3 months just to get myself to do anything.
  • Then another 4 months of setting up an overcomplicated newsletter.
  • Then 11 days to set it up again, but this time simpler.
  • Finally, 7 hours to write the damn thing.

But... it sucked.

I had zero clue what I was doing.

But I spent the next few years trying different things, sending newsletters for my blog, then for my nonprofit, until I finally started Create, Lead, Succeed.

This Notion template contains everything I've learned.

You will get the:

  1. Step-by-step system to create a smashing newsletter.
  2. My original Idea Compass — a way to never miss any good idea.
  3. Templates for every part of the process — from the newsletter to the following Tweets, Threads, and LinkedIn posts to repurpose it.

Here's what others said about the newsletter framework:

And a quick sneak peek:

Yes, I'm sharing it all.

This is the stuff that I use to create my newsletter in 1 hour or less.

I didn't even realize how effective this was because my open rates looked like this:

But then I realized I had over 600 inactive subscribers.

After I cleaned those up, my mind was blown.

Just look at the last 3 newsletters' open rates:

It turns out I've been getting open rates of over 50% consistently.

And all thanks to this template.

I purchased quite a few of those to see if they'll work for me for $150-$300. None of them did.

So I made this one. But, I like giving you things so good that my friends physically attack me for not putting a high enough price tag. So...

Instead of charging $500 for it, which is about how much all the components would be worth right now…

Or charging $300, which is typical for frameworks like this one.

It's just $150 $75.

The price will go back up to $150 when I finish the last round of updates.

(you get this and lifetime future updates once you purchase)

Enjoy ❤️

PS: Ping me if anything is confusing — I'm here to help!

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The Newsletter Framework 2.2

38 ratings
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